This is my first time to eat such a strange fruit that i have never seen before.But i have been curious about the fruit of the " Cactus " , even flowers.
Cactus is the plant which fulling of mystery for me.
Strange shape , has a lot of thorns on it , looks like a
weapon of the people who live in the desert .
However, i was attracted to this flame-colored fruit. Here is the picture of the pear

You can also find out "how to eat it in the " WIKI HOW " as following website

It is full of seeds inside the central area and I think that
all you can eat just only the thin flesh part around the entire.

It not as sweet as other fruit like cantaloupes , watermelons or Asian pears.
Some people thought it was the best fruit for diet and the scientific research promoting the cactus
as the natural diabetes and cholesterol medication as well as its use in the treatment of obesity,
gastrointestinal disorders , skin ailments and viral infections ( exception of the computer viral ) .

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